The 2020 litter cleanup events have been CANCELLED across the Region of Waterloo due to COVID-19 outbreak.†We will update this site as soon as new event dates are available.† Litter cleanups are not encouraged, however, should residents opt†to do their own individual litter cleanup, please be aware there are no special litter pickups or drop offs for the collected debris.† Garbage bags of collected litter could be placed out for residential garbage collection and would count as part of the householdís bag limit.††


The†Provinceís first Day of Action on Litter†scheduled for May 12 has also been postponed due to COVID-19.† Please see their site††for details.††

We may not be able to join an event, but we can think about how we can help to reduce the harmful impacts of waste in the environment.† We can prevent, reduce and divert waste in our homes so it doesnít become litter!

  • ††Prevent:† Stop waste and litter before it is created. Refuse the straw!
  • † Reduce: Think of ways to reuse waste. Could that container be used for storage?
  • ††Divert:† Increase opportunities to recycle and green bin.† If you are not†at home and  canít find a†blue box, take it home to†your own blue box.† † ††


A cleaner environment begins at home, 365 days a year.