Get involved!! Organize a cleanup

How to organize a cleanup:

Litter cleanups can be organized any time of the year. Each city has advice and help, you are not alone!  They can provide you with:

  • guidance on how to get started
  • suggestions on where the litter "hot spots" are
  • important information on how to deal with unusual objects
  • how to dispose of what you have collected
  • supplies for your volunteers

Call for a package today and GET INVOLVED.

Who do I call if I have litter issues or need suggestions?

Call the Litter Reduction Task Force member in your area for assistance. Click here for details.

How long does it take for a can to break down?

It takes an aluminum can 80 -100 years to break down naturally. Here is the break down information of some other items:

  • Banana peel: 3-4 weeks
  • Paper bag: 1 month
  • Cardboard: 2 months
  • Wool sock: 1 year
  • Tin steel can: 50 years
  • Aluminum can: 200-500 years (but if recycled, it can be reused within 6 weeks!)
  • Disposable diapers: 550 years
  • Plastic bags: 20-1000 years
  • Plastic jug: 1 million years
  • Glass: 1-2 million years
  • Styrofoam: 1+ million years

Is it okay to throw an orange peel or apple core on the ground?

No, it is still litter. It is unsightly, encourages more littering, and attracts pests and animals.

Coffee cups and lids blow around everywhere. Can they be recycled?

Did you know that 6-1/2 million trees are cut down each year just to make disposable cups? Use a refillable travel mug - do not make this waste!

If you have to use a disposable cup... dispose of it for the best environmental impact:

  • paper coffee cups can be put in the blue box
  • the plastic lids can go into the blue box
  • Styrofoam cups go into the garbage

The garbage can outside my house at the bus stop is over full. Who do I call to get it dumped or get more cans?

Call the Region of Waterloo’s Waste Management customer service at 519-575-4400 for collection. Call the Grand River Transit Info Line at 519-585-7555 for new or additional cans.

Dog droppings - please pick up!

Pet waste can go into the green bin. No plastics are allowed so please use other creative items to collect this material - perhaps your paper doughnut bag!